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How to Convert PDF to MS PowerPoint?

If you are prepared a public PowerPoint presentation, and you want to use some PDF contents in your PPT slideshow, but we all know PDF can't be edited, copied, and printed directly, then what will you do? How to save PDF to Microsoft Office PowerPoint file? Here we got a solution.

PDF to PowerPoint Converter is easy-to-use application to help you convert from PDF documents to PowerPoint files in just 3 steps: 1. Launch the program; 2. Import PDF files; 3. Begin to convert. With this program, you can use the PDF contents in your PowerPoint presentations instantly and freely.

Now just the follow the guide below and get start to convert your PDF files to dynamic PowerPoint presentations right away!

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Steps for Converting PDF Format to PowerPoint?

Step 1: Import PDF files

Click "Add Files…" button to add PDF files for conversion, you can import as many as 200 files at a time. After you add the PDF files you can see the basic PDF files information. You can Remove and Clear the added PDF files if you don't want to convert them.

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Step 2: Select certain pages

On the main interface, click "Selected Pages" drop-down list to select certain pages. If you just want to convert some pages of files, click Selected Pages field and type the page numbers to be converted.

page ranges setting

Step 3: Start converting

You can save the converted PowerPoint file to the folder where the source file is after conversion by clicking "Save in the same folder as source". Or you can choose another destination by clicking "Customize". The default folder is My Documents.

Then just click the "Convert" button and you can convert your PDF files to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in seconds.

set output folder

After conversion, you can view the converted files directly via the links in the conversion pane or click Open button below the pane to check the file in the destination folder.

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